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Disc springs materials

There are a variety of materials available to produce disc springs with a wide range of different properties.

  • Spring Steel: The materials used are chosen for their spring properties. They are classified to Din 17221 and Din 17222.
  • Stainless Steel: Dependent on the thickness, temperature or the non-rusting property required for the application.
  • High Temperature Material: In disc springs mostly nickel based alloys are used (Nimonic and Inconel) however a cobalt based alloy can also be used. These also offer a high corrosion resistance.
  • Non Magnetic: These are copper based materials that offer excellent corrosion resistance in many environments, good thermal and electrical conductive properties. They have a lower modulus of elasticity and this must be taken into account when designing disc springs.

All optional materials can be made available upon request.

For further information:

> Download disc springs properties PDF

> Download chemical material properties PDF

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